DVD - Getting It Right From The Bottom Up

SWHAC have produced a short film to highlight the practical steps you can take to ensure that reinstatement work is 'right first time', designed to be viewed in conjunction with the SWHAUC guide to best practice for such work.

The DVD has been converted to digital media files in the common MPEG (MPEG-PS), AVI (XVID codec) and Quickime (Apple AVC codec) video formats which can be downloaded and played on most computers. The video is available in parts for users with a slow connection, or as a single file in each format. Each multi part version is also available as a .zip archive file. For all files, right click the link and save the file to your computer (e.g. 'Save target as...' if using Internet Explorer, 'Save link as...' if using Firefox).

We are grateful to Toni Melia, New Media Manager for South West Water, for the donation of the facility used to host these files.