The South West Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee, is one of many regional Highway Authorities and Utilities Committees (HAUC's) set up throughout the UK to provide technical information and advice with regard to street works issues. These regional HAUC's provide a forum for Highway Authorities and Statutory Undertakers (Gas, Electricity, Water, sewerage and Telecommunications) to discuss and review topics of concern and mutual interest.

The SWHAUC Web site is designed as a "first stop shop" for New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) related matters and it is provided for any interested users who may have an involvement with street or road works activities. The Web site contains more specific NRSWA information relevant to the South West Regional HAUC area together with other general and national NRSWA material references.

The role of the Committee [SW HAUC] is to create a forum for discussion and generation of professional relationships leading to co-operation between Utilities and Highway Authorities and all other parties involved with new roads and street works (New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 [NRSWA] & The Traffic Management Act 2004 [TMA]).

To achieve these objectives SW HAUC is committed to:-

  • Acting as the regional focus for the UK Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee [HAUC(UK)] and reporting to HAUC(UK) through the national meeting of Regional HAUC representatives.
  • Accepting all current legislation, National Codes of Practice and Specifications.
  • Promoting the implementation of National and Regional guidance procedures and Best Practice within their organisations.
  • Identifying topics where there will be scope for local incentives and guidance notes to achieve common working practices.
  • Providing a free flow of information between organisations.
  • Exploring all avenues and options designed to reduce the:-

o Impact of street works upon highways, highway users, the environment and the community in general and to minimise disruption & congestion.

o Incidents of damage and to minimise risks to health and safety generally

  • Monitoring the performance regionally of both the Utilities and Highway Authorities under NRSWA & TMA.
  • Promoting local liaisons and supporting the creation of local HAUC's by:-
  • o Providing guidance

    o Acting as an advisory forum in the event of local disputes.

    o Disseminating information on National and Regional issues.

  • Reviewing the Terms of Reference and Constitution, if necessary, at the first meeting of the calendar year.